About the film

‘Call of the Maestro’ is a journey undertaken to uncover how a 3000 year old tradition of Indian classical Music is surviving a modern world. Passed down from generation to generation there is a threat now that young people are less interested in dedicating their lives to learning the skills of an art form that isĀ  a highly complex mix of structure, improvisation and spiritual faith. The current great Maestros of India are now in their 80’s and 90s and unless they can inspire the next generation their music is at risk of dying with them. The film follows a student of music and a promoter of Indian Classical music as they travel around India finding the Maestros who have dedicated their careers to keeping the music alive. There are music schools set up for orphans and blind children, women are taking opportunities to perform in a way that was unheard of historically, technology is being used to help save time so that young people can balance jobs and their musical education , musicians are brought into schools and colleges and Maestros perform in both urban and rural places where the whole community is welcomed. The filmmakers were privileged to enter the homes of the last of the great Maestros to hear them perform in intimate surroundings and be witness to them passing on their knowledge, talent and experience to their disciples in rarely seen scenes that echo back through ancient times. It is on the shoulders of the young that its future lies.

Directed by Lou Hamilton. A Create Lab Production with Blue Elephant Films.

“Love the film on Indian classical music – you have a skill that nourishes those you film and those who get to watch – I feel I have eaten a really healthy meal full of raw and live produce when I see the bits of films we can see – it’s about the pace and lack of intrusion and the fact that you don’t patronise anyone.” AB. Edinburgh

4 Responses to “About the film”

  1. The theme of the film is very interesting and is very apprehended.

  2. Hi,

    I am really thrilled by the promo. Just wondering when the DVD will be out?

  3. Really looking forward to seeing this Lou! All the Best at NHFF

  4. Love the trailler and I’m really hoping a DVD will be available soon! K x

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